1. The concept of “Transgender ” may not as easy as you think

Transgender means whose gender identity is not the one they were assigned at birth. Transgender men were born as boys, and as they grew up, they found that they wewre not comfort with the gender they were assigned with, the same as transgender women. You should also know that transgender hookup not only includes MTF and FTM, non-binary and multiple gender are also belong to transgender.

2. Transgender people are real people who have feelings

Transgender people are the same as everyone of us, they are not a special community, they are real people who have feelings. Many people don’t understand the feeling of being transgender people, and some people may think they are not ordinary people, and treat them without respect. As far as I know, transgender people are easy to get along with, because they are afraid of being rejected and losing their friends and family.

3. Don’t ask transgender people about their body

Most of transgender people don’t like to talk anything about their body, if someone is comfortable with this topic, that’s okay to talk about, but you’d better not to ask too much about this, especially in trans dating. Would you ask a cisgender people this kind of question? Of course no. If you ask a transgender person too much about their body in a trans date, they may feel they are treated as someone special.

4. They are selfish

Transitioning is a long and complex process. People decide to transitoning when they are not comfort with their gender, and ready to become they one they want to be. Transitioning is not only a matter of one person, but the whole family. Their family, friends and loved ones may not accept their transitioning, and think they are selfish. I just want to say that if you really love them, please support them, accept them, and love them.

5. Use the right pronoun

Pronoun is very important for transgender people, we need to use the right pronoun when talk with transgender people. For example, someone was born as a boy, and live as a girl now, the right pronoun is “she/her”. Why pronoun is so important for transgender people? They may feel uncomfortable when you call them the wrong pronouns. If really don’t know the right pronoun of someone, you can ask them “What’s your gender pronoun?’ respectfully.

6. Transphobia cannot be avoid

For transgender people, transphobia is almost everywhere in their life. It doesn’t mean the society is unsafe for transgender people, it’s because not everyone can really accept transgender people, they lack of understanding on transgender people. We cannot say they are wrong, it’s just a matter of personal preference. Safe and healthy living environment is very important for all transgender people.

7. Gender identity is a personal issue

Many transgender people are afraid of coming out, because they don’t know what their life will be like after coming out. Gender identity is a personal issue, not all transgender people want to share their transition story with other people. Many cases showed that trans women were killed after coming out. As a transgender person, you need know how to protect yourself from being hurt.