Last week, I almost committed a crime for sleeping with underage kids. It all started from finding one night hookup on free hookup apps. You should really be careful with these free hookup apps, because they don’t have any actual restriction for age limit. Even if they do, there is no way for the customer service to find out how old they are exactly. There are many underage kinds posting their profiles on it and saying that they are 20 or even older. How can you tell the truth?

Last weekend, my friend and I were celebrating the football match. The team we support won the competition. We decided to go to a bar and have some drinks. Without any luck in finding girls to hit up on, we were going to turn to the help of online hook up apps. They always said hookup apps are efficient, but I never used it before. From my own perspective, I always have this thought that free hookup apps are only for those desperate people who cannot find people in real life. Anyway, I was desperate back at that night, so it doesn’t matter. We downloaded a hook up app and registered for a profile. There was a pretty girl. She was the first girl I saw in that dating app and I swiped right, which meant I like her. After several minutes, we were matched. She was also my first match, so I sent her a message.

There it goes. “Hey, how R U?” “Great, what are you doing now?” “I’m having a drink with my friends at **bar.” “Oh, R U kidding me? I live upstairs!” Such a coincidence. I invited her to come downstairs to have a drink with us. She agreed. After about half an hour, a girl came to us, pretty as she is in the picture.

We ordered some more drinks and my friend kept his hunting online. So there were mainly two of us talking. We talked a lot about our job, our thinking about relationships, etc. At the end of the night, my friend left earlier and I stayed for a bit longer with the girl. Then she said she would ask me to come home with her, but her roommate was a sleep. She hated to interrupt her. So I proposed that we should come to my house, which is not far away.

She came home with me. In the taxi, we already started to make out. The minute we arrived at my house, we couldn’t wait to take off each other’s clothes. Then her phone rang. She had to answer for some reason. When she came back, we continued. Then I saw a message on the screen. It reads “What do you want for your 18’s birthday?” It surprised me. In her profile, she said she was 22 and she definitely not look like a 17 years old kid, but that was the truth. I asked her if it was true. She admitted it. She as bout to turn 18 in 3 days, but that didn’t make it okay for me to sleep with a 17 years old kid. I asked her to leave right away.