Advice for plus size women on how to choose a photo


Plus size women are always upset because they don't have a beautiful photo, and they even don't know how to take a good photo. But for users of BBW dating sites, photos play an important role in the whole processes. Nobody is perfect, as a big girl, you should learn to minimize your weaknesses and cover up your shortcomings if necessary. But don't worry, big girls are also beautiful, and it's really easy to take a good photo. Please follow these steps:

Go outdoors

One the one hand, outdoor ligting is better than indoor lighting, so the photos look clearer than indoor photos. On the other hand, outdoor scenery is more beautiful than indoor scenery, so your photos are more beautiful than indoor photos. It couldn't be better if you can take photo on the beach near the sea, in a romantic place or somewhere special. A beautiful photo is very important, it's the first impression you make on others. Men tend to chat with you only because of your beautiful photo.

Good-looking clothes

Choose the best clothes, makeup and styles that make you pretty and comfortable. By this way, you look beautiful and confident in the picture. I think nobody can say no to a confident and pretty girl.

No Sunglasses

Most of women like sunglasses, they think it's fashion, but for most of men, it's quite unacceptable, they don't like sunglasses at all. You'd better don't wear sunglasses while taking photos. Eyes can really show your charming, and people really want to know you through your eyes. So, just show your beautiful eyes.

Keep standing

If you don't have the perfect figure and face, you need to cover up your shortcomings. Keep standing while taking photos. By this way, you can show your beautiful curve, look vigour and enthusiasm as well. But if you sit down to take photos, you may look fat and spiritless.

Get the camera in the right position

No matter you are slim or fat, angle is very important, it's the key factor of photograph. Don't show your full face and body, you should know how to cover up your weakness. Choose the right angle, which make you look curvy and charming. You'd better don't stand too near the camera, you may look fat by this way.

Spine straight

For standing photo, belly in, buttocks tight, shoulder back and spine straight. Do as graceful beauties do, because these kinds of women can attract men most. You should remember that temperament is more important than beautiful appearance in most people's eyes, try to show your difference from others. By this way, your pictures look elegant and charming.

Researches show that, most of men judge a woman only according to her photos on the BBW dating site, your photos may hold you back from experiencing the true love. So, if you really want to find a life hookup partner on the BBW dating site, you'd better put on a real and beautiful photo.