How to Treat Your Plus Size As A Superpower

Dating a plus size women is not a simple and easy thing. In fact, we are living in the world full of judging people with their appearance. Since it's difficult to control other people's thoughts, we are attacked by others and have to force to be "perfect". Dating gradually became a nightmare for all BBWs around the world, since they don't have the effective way to date. Today this article will offer you some extra tips and tricks how to treat your chubby body as a superpower.

1.Show off yourself to others
Chubby women are always taught to hide their bodies by friends and families, not showing them off because they are "no perfect". As a matter of fact, everyone is imperfect and plus size women shouldn't be afraid to take as much space as needed. You should wear clothes which make you feel sexy and comfortable, even if they leave some parts of your curves uncovered. First of all you need to wear revealing clothes to date. As the saying goes, "no risk no fun" and no one disputes that. Don't be afraid to take a chance in BBW dating, even if this may end up with rejection. Being rejected is a normal process while looking for partner and even skinny and attractive girls might be rejected.

2.Go after the person who you want to date instead of the person who wants you
Unfortunately, most of the plus size women have a very serious and common issue that they can't take the initiative to go after someone their loved because of size. All they can do is accept someone's pursuit who is interested in them. Actually, being a BBW doesn't mean that you have to chat and meet or date the person who wants you. Moreover, if you're not interested in the person approaching you, you can just say it to him that don't spend time on me and look for your best match.

3.Do not accept to “invisible dates”
If a cute guy wants to hookup date you in the middle of the night, it's might be a bad new. Unfortunately, some men are ashamed to show off a plus size woman in public and trying to hide them behind others. You'd better choose men who are not worried to meet and chat you in public, spend time in fancy coffee chop or restaurant.

4.Distinguish the being attractive and being fetishized
Bear in mind that there’s a thin line between being attractive and being a victim of "fat fetish". You need to learn how to distinguish the two way. Signs of fetishization comprising being encouraged to gain weight, being repeatedly praised your curves, get touched here and there often, and often talk about the size of your body. All of these behaviors is a bad omen.

5.Dump the person who is dislike and avoid your size
Some rude behavior shouldn't be endured like weight-related jokes, conversations that reference the term to BBW and bad compliments about shape. If someone talk about these topic with you, you should dump him without hesitation. Your size shouldn't make you as a victim of non-funny & fatphobia reactions.

Top 8 Celebrity Cougars

Officially, cougar is a woman over the age of 35 called older woman there, who dates someone younger than herself. Cougar dating is considered taboo back in decades. These days, cougars and cubs relationships are everywhere to be found. Especially in celebrity field. Now, CougarD team listed HollyWood top 8 cougars.

  • No.8 Courtney Cox
    As one of the leading actress in Friends, Courtney Cox has long started her cougar hookup dating journey. In the play, she dated a much younger man, who turned out to be a high-school student. Also in Cougar Town, which is her starring TV drama, she was an absolute cougar. In life, Courtney also admitted that she has been a cougar more than once.
  • No.7 Halle Berry
    Be known for her Catwoman role and an Oscar-winning actress, Halle Berry finally gave in and became one of the hottest hunters in 2005 after her two failed marriages and joined the cougar rank by dating the young model Gabrielle Aubry.
  • No.6 Ellen DeGeneres
    As a world-known host of Ellen Show, she is also a lesbian cougar, or a leopard. She has a high-profile relationship with Anne Heche, who is 11 younger than her. Since 2008, she has been married to an Australian, named Portia De Rossi, who is 15 years her junior.
  • No.5 Susan Sarandon
    Also played a guest role in Friends, she dated Chandler in the play, making her an impressive cougar. Also in life, she carried on her cougar journey long before it came in vouge in her 40s by dating a 28 years old director Franco Amore. After that, she completely went for the younger guys.
  • No.4 Demi Moore
    As long as you google cougar dating, the news of Demi Moore will definitely appear in the list. She married the actor Ashton Kutcher after two failed marriages with older men. With an age difference of 15 years, making her a qualified cougar. But unfortunately, the marriage split later. As WatchMojo put it "Young men may be too hot to handle and too cold to hold".
  • No.3 Sharon Stone
    The gorgeous actress and former fashion model wins the number 3 place by dating a male model who is 27 years younger than her. After at least 10 relationships, including two failed marriages, Sharon Stone ia all for the younger ones.
  • No.2 Kim Cattral
    It seems that the man-eating character Samantha Jones is growing into Kim Cattral step by step. Once was romantically linked to the former Prime Minister of Canada, she soon shacked up with a 28 Canadian chef in her 50s.
  • No.1 Madonna
    A woman known for playing with boy-toys, Madonna undoubtedly takes the first place. She once married to two older men, while now, she sets her eyes on young cubs. When she was 51, she dated a 22 Brazilian model with an age difference of nearly 30 years.

User Review: 3rder Is A Perfect Tinder For Threesomes

 I had an affair with my workmate. We were away on official business together once. There was only one room for us. So, we lived together that night. Somehow, we started to have chemistry with each other from that time. Then, things went badly and we have sex. That was the best. I was very confusing that I was bisexual.

Besides, I had a boyfriend at the same time. I loved him very much. But it was not the best to have sex with him. Even though, I didn’t want to leave him. But it made me very special to be with my lover. One day, he asked me whether I was cheated on him. I was shocked and I still kept calm. I asked him why he would ask me that. He kept silent at first. I became very careful and scared. I was afraid that he would break up with me. Then, my lover told me that she texted my boyfriend that I was with her. But to my surprise, what she wanted was not for me to leave my boyfriend. What she requested was to have a three way hookup with my boyfriend and me. It made me felt sick. I knew that she was very sexually adventurous and bisexual. But what she did behind me was something that I couldn’t bear. I left my work and broke up with her completely.

Back then, I wanted to thank my boyfriend who forgave me soon. Somehow, my boyfriend and I were curious about having a threesome after our life became normal. Once, we sit on our couch and he brought it up and we decided to talk about it sincerely. He said that it would spicy our relationship up since I was a bisexual woman. I could enjoy a BBW threesome with another woman and he could be stronger with two women. It sounded great and we agreed to have a try by finding a woman for a couple online.

My boyfriend suggested downloading 3Somer to create a personal profile as a couple. But after Google it, I found that it has been removed from App Store last year and it seemed not so good for couples to look for someone for a three way. So, we finally downloaded 3rder. It claims to be a tinder for threesomes and it does work like Tinder. With such an easy to use threesome app, we found several potential matches to have a three way in the past few months.

How to protect yourself during a threesome dating with strangers

Recently, a news website reported a piece of news that a girl was injured in a party with two strange men having a threesome. Now more and more women, especially young and hot girls,  are willing to involve themselves in such a special kind of sexual activity. But each year, there are a lot of harmful events being reported by the websites and other medium around the country. Therefore, younger women should protect themselves being hurt when they are enjoying the excitement in threesomes dating.

 1. Don’t make your date with someone you don’t like.

Usually, young girls will be forced to do what they don’t want to do and this may cause damage in the hookup dating. If you don’t like some people at all, you’d better not to make a date with these guys. When you are engaged in a dating with someone of bad behaviors, you should try your best to get away from this and then you can be safe.

2. Set your boundaries in advance.

Before you go to the bedroom, you have to set your boundaries and safe words to your partners. In order to prevent aggressive behaviors that will make you damaged, please don’t forget this essential step before you start having threesomes. When your partners ask you to do something you don’t want to, you can say the safe words to stop the meeting immediately.

3. You cannot get yourself drunk.

If your partner has prepared some drinks to spice up the meeting, you should remember that you cannot drink too much. If you get drunk, you will forget your boundaries and safe words so that, you may do something against your will. It is said that almost people will have no idea in the next morning about what they did when they were drunk last night. Hence you should keep yourself away from too much wine.

4. Ask your partners to take some necessary protective measures.

The first principle of your threesome BBW dating is to protect yourself being hurt and infected with HIV and other STDs virus. Using a condom is one of the most efficient and the most effective way to keep you safe. Do remember to ask your partners to do some measures to protect themselves and you at the same time and then all of you can put yourselves in the threesome dating without any worries behind.

The Best BBW Dating APP


Online dating apps make it easier than ever to flirt with and meet singles in your area. If you are looking to meet the perfect match and you're carrying a few extra pounds, or you're just attracted to plus sized people then you've come to the right place.

Bustr is a professional dating app for BBW and their admirers. When you visit Bustr for the first time you're bound to be impressed. This is  definitely a professional looking app, that's well organized, and full of features. If you're going to trust a app with your life, you want it to be one that has your back every step of the way.

At Bustr, plus size ladies can find each other and start new friendships and relationships. We aim at bringing plus size men and women together and provide them exciting opportunities to connect and communicated with each other so that they can get to know each other and enjoy the miracles and pleasures of BBW dating.

Sign up
You can sign up for an account with your email address. Then you'll have to answer a few simple questions about your preferences, offer a brief description of yourself, and a brief description of the type of person you're looking for. After that you'll have full access to all of the app features.

Certainly there is segregation between the features on hand to free members and premium or paid users. Nevertheless, this website provides
lots of remarkable features some are stated below:

  • Make a detailed profile writing all your personal information
  • Add enticing photo that will aid in getting the attention of other members
  •  Look for best match based on many preference filters.
  • Know who has watched your profile and liked you.
  • Send message to your match whenever and wherever.
  • Get automated match recommendation from the website based on profile information.

A basic membership is free and you can do a fair bit with it. You can use quickmatch to search your match, but you cannot narrow down your search range and take the initiative to contact with someone you like. If you want to access to all the premium features, you have to sign up for a paid membership. The costs are pretty reasonable and are outlined below:

1 month membership is $29.99 per month
3 month membership is $24.99 per month(1 payment of $74.99)
6 month membership is $21.99 per month(1 payment of $129.99)

The 3 month membership is probably the best option - no doubt most of us are hoping it won't take a year to find the right match.

Final Verdict
If you're looking for one of the best plus size dating app, Bustr definitely qualifies. This app is professional and pleasing to the eye. It dose a great job of matching you up with people actually live in your area, and it's reasonably priced. This is the place to go if you want to find the perfect plus size hookup partner.

Translr is a top leading transgender dating app

Translr is a one of a kind online trans dating community composed of transgender singles, open-minded, and crossdresser singles. Translr is something that opens its doors for all trans singles and their admirers out there who are hoping to find the love and acceptance that they need and deserve. With a quick sign up process, there is simply no stopping you to explore what this unique free hookup app has to offer.

One of the best things about this curvy dating app is that you can join for free to become a registered member. When you are a member of the app, you can upload your pictures and come up a comprehensive profile which will describe you, your dislike and like, and any other things you want people to know about you. It saves other members from having to visit your profile with lots of questions in their mind and they will also be able to understand and know your taste with ease. Even though the app is still open for some improvements, it is made simple enough to help people find the right hub where they can meet new faces without having to break the bank.

Subscription Plans

Translr is free to join or sign up as a member. As a free member of Translr, you are able to use some basic features. If you want to experience all the advanced features of Translr, you can pay a reasonable fee to upgrade your membership. And the subscription plans is listed below:

1 Month: $14.99
3 Months: $9.99 per month
6 Months: $8.3 per month

Features of Translr

When it comes to features, there are different features available for free and premium members of Translr.

  • Basic Features

Create your own profile, upload your pictures, read the profile of other members, and view their respective pictures.
Match your potential partners.
Reply message to other member who send message to you.
Enjoy uploading your own photo on the moments and comment other moment.

  • Special Features

You may contact customer support center at any time you want help and get answers.
Make the searches based on your hookup particular criteria with the most advanced search tool integrated in the website.
Start a conversation with anyone you like.


Translr has a big user-base of transgender women and transgender men that are genuinely searching for people like them and the app is full of the activities that engage members and make this more active. It has also interesting tools to make any searches and there are some ways of communicating with some users, though it lacks several amazing features like advanced search tool and video chats. When it comes to subscription, Translr offers affordable subscription plans and you’re going to find active and real trans singles from various parts of the globe on this app.

There are five reasons for considering dating a BBW

Nowadays, dating is catching on all over the world, but more and more men prefer dating with plus size women. Because those men found that they themselves have many common aspects with BBWs, and many of them are attracted by BBWs' natures. Although, most men like to date a slim woman that is not a bad thing i think, on the other hand, considering dating a plus size woman is still worthy trying if you want to find a hookup partner. It may give you more choices when you have dates and increase the possibility of finding your true love. Anyway, dating a BBW is a good method, and i would like to introduce five reasons for considering dating a BBW to you.

First of all, plus size women are always very modest and considerate. In their daily lives, many peers or workmates may often laugh at them because of their big body shapes, it makes them know the importance of respect and always treat others well. And on the other hand, they know there are many people who are more excellent than them, but they never compared with those people, they just do themselves! Secondly, BBWs take pride in their own looks. They persist in their lifestyles even if they are oversized. That's a kind of essential confidence i think. Thirdly, most slim women pay much attention to themselves, but BBWs are not the same. They are good listeners and are willing to tell others their own ideas about a problem, and sometimes their ideas may give you a surprise, it will help you a lot. Fourthly, plus size women are good at dressing and they know how to dress well. Although, they don't have skinny body shapes, they still think over about what kind of clothes they need to wear in various occasions. As a matter of fact, sometimes, their thoughts are even more creative than those slim women in a way. Isn't it a surprising thing for you? Last but not least, we all know that BBWs are oversize women, they have chubby body shapes. If you date a BBW, you may like to touch her very much, because their skin are soft, and the feeling is comfortable. In other words, it may make you remind you of a kind of cute teddy bear.

In conclusion, from what we have mentioned, BBW dating do have many benefits. I think you can consider dating a BBW, and i believe you will find your love soon if you dare to do it.