User Review: 3rder Is A Perfect Tinder For Threesomes

 I had an affair with my workmate. We were away on official business together once. There was only one room for us. So, we lived together that night. Somehow, we started to have chemistry with each other from that time. Then, things went badly and we have sex. That was the best. I was very confusing that I was bisexual.

Besides, I had a boyfriend at the same time. I loved him very much. But it was not the best to have sex with him. Even though, I didn’t want to leave him. But it made me very special to be with my lover. One day, he asked me whether I was cheated on him. I was shocked and I still kept calm. I asked him why he would ask me that. He kept silent at first. I became very careful and scared. I was afraid that he would break up with me. Then, my lover told me that she texted my boyfriend that I was with her. But to my surprise, what she wanted was not for me to leave my boyfriend. What she requested was to have a three way hookup with my boyfriend and me. It made me felt sick. I knew that she was very sexually adventurous and bisexual. But what she did behind me was something that I couldn’t bear. I left my work and broke up with her completely.

Back then, I wanted to thank my boyfriend who forgave me soon. Somehow, my boyfriend and I were curious about having a threesome after our life became normal. Once, we sit on our couch and he brought it up and we decided to talk about it sincerely. He said that it would spicy our relationship up since I was a bisexual woman. I could enjoy a BBW threesome with another woman and he could be stronger with two women. It sounded great and we agreed to have a try by finding a woman for a couple online.

My boyfriend suggested downloading 3Somer to create a personal profile as a couple. But after Google it, I found that it has been removed from App Store last year and it seemed not so good for couples to look for someone for a three way. So, we finally downloaded 3rder. It claims to be a tinder for threesomes and it does work like Tinder. With such an easy to use threesome app, we found several potential matches to have a three way in the past few months.