How to protect yourself during a threesome dating with strangers

Recently, a news website reported a piece of news that a girl was injured in a party with two strange men having a threesome. Now more and more women, especially young and hot girls,  are willing to involve themselves in such a special kind of sexual activity. But each year, there are a lot of harmful events being reported by the websites and other medium around the country. Therefore, younger women should protect themselves being hurt when they are enjoying the excitement in threesomes dating.

 1. Don’t make your date with someone you don’t like.

Usually, young girls will be forced to do what they don’t want to do and this may cause damage in the hookup dating. If you don’t like some people at all, you’d better not to make a date with these guys. When you are engaged in a dating with someone of bad behaviors, you should try your best to get away from this and then you can be safe.

2. Set your boundaries in advance.

Before you go to the bedroom, you have to set your boundaries and safe words to your partners. In order to prevent aggressive behaviors that will make you damaged, please don’t forget this essential step before you start having threesomes. When your partners ask you to do something you don’t want to, you can say the safe words to stop the meeting immediately.

3. You cannot get yourself drunk.

If your partner has prepared some drinks to spice up the meeting, you should remember that you cannot drink too much. If you get drunk, you will forget your boundaries and safe words so that, you may do something against your will. It is said that almost people will have no idea in the next morning about what they did when they were drunk last night. Hence you should keep yourself away from too much wine.

4. Ask your partners to take some necessary protective measures.

The first principle of your threesome BBW dating is to protect yourself being hurt and infected with HIV and other STDs virus. Using a condom is one of the most efficient and the most effective way to keep you safe. Do remember to ask your partners to do some measures to protect themselves and you at the same time and then all of you can put yourselves in the threesome dating without any worries behind.