How to Treat Your Plus Size As A Superpower

Dating a plus size women is not a simple and easy thing. In fact, we are living in the world full of judging people with their appearance. Since it's difficult to control other people's thoughts, we are attacked by others and have to force to be "perfect". Dating gradually became a nightmare for all BBWs around the world, since they don't have the effective way to date. Today this article will offer you some extra tips and tricks how to treat your chubby body as a superpower.

1.Show off yourself to others
Chubby women are always taught to hide their bodies by friends and families, not showing them off because they are "no perfect". As a matter of fact, everyone is imperfect and plus size women shouldn't be afraid to take as much space as needed. You should wear clothes which make you feel sexy and comfortable, even if they leave some parts of your curves uncovered. First of all you need to wear revealing clothes to date. As the saying goes, "no risk no fun" and no one disputes that. Don't be afraid to take a chance in BBW dating, even if this may end up with rejection. Being rejected is a normal process while looking for partner and even skinny and attractive girls might be rejected.

2.Go after the person who you want to date instead of the person who wants you
Unfortunately, most of the plus size women have a very serious and common issue that they can't take the initiative to go after someone their loved because of size. All they can do is accept someone's pursuit who is interested in them. Actually, being a BBW doesn't mean that you have to chat and meet or date the person who wants you. Moreover, if you're not interested in the person approaching you, you can just say it to him that don't spend time on me and look for your best match.

3.Do not accept to “invisible dates”
If a cute guy wants to hookup date you in the middle of the night, it's might be a bad new. Unfortunately, some men are ashamed to show off a plus size woman in public and trying to hide them behind others. You'd better choose men who are not worried to meet and chat you in public, spend time in fancy coffee chop or restaurant.

4.Distinguish the being attractive and being fetishized
Bear in mind that there’s a thin line between being attractive and being a victim of "fat fetish". You need to learn how to distinguish the two way. Signs of fetishization comprising being encouraged to gain weight, being repeatedly praised your curves, get touched here and there often, and often talk about the size of your body. All of these behaviors is a bad omen.

5.Dump the person who is dislike and avoid your size
Some rude behavior shouldn't be endured like weight-related jokes, conversations that reference the term to BBW and bad compliments about shape. If someone talk about these topic with you, you should dump him without hesitation. Your size shouldn't make you as a victim of non-funny & fatphobia reactions.