Three mistakes will get him out of commitment in BBW relationship

You should know: most men are not against commitment, but they have to make their own decisions. Unfortunately, if you try one of the three common "strategies" below, you may hinder a man's desire to form a long-term curvy dating relationship with you.

1.Trying to "convince" him

Like an aggressive salesman trying to get you to buy a car, trying to convince a man that he should be with you, actually makes him want less. Why is that? Because convincing feels unnatural. He realizes that if the BBW dating relationship with you is what he really wants, there's no need to convince you. He feels on an emotional level, and his feelings tell him everything he needs to know.

If you don't get the love and connection you want, or if you just "get it and give it," and you start "holding back" on a man, you're trading. Not only will it take you away from what you want, it will also create resentment and distrust in a man's mind so much that he won't even give you what you tell him you want.

You can't win the trade game. If there was distance before, men and women wouldn't be closer and more connected. The truth is, a man will eventually stop trying to "win" your fickle chubby dating relationships. Then you two have nothing.

3.Giving him an ultimatum

While giving your man an ultimatum will certainly give you an answer, when you put a man in a pickle like this, it's usually not the answer you want. Stress doesn't change how people feel. Especially when it comes to a guy's often stubborn and unexplored emotions.

In fact, many times he doesn't even know what he's thinking because he doesn't spend much time or any time analyzing everything emotionally.

All of these methods usually succeed only in pushing men further. In rare cases, one method does work, but the bottom line is that it's a compelling way to get what you want - and at best it will only bring you temporary results.

At first, when it comes to curvy women and BBW hookup dating relationships, most men think they want to have it both ways. But every once in a while, a man meets a woman and soon knows without a doubt that he wants to be with her and only with her. Deep down, he felt right.

One more thing you should know: when this happens, men are usually the ones pushing for long-term commitment. You don't have to do anything, just continue to be your best mate and help him do what he wants to do and keep you close.