How to Have a Good Boyfriend

As a single lady for about 23 years, I know it is time for me to make some change. So I searched the ways to know good boys online but I just get a littel. Some people said going to bar or KTV. But, I am not a girl who is very good at handling this occaisions. Finding a boyfriend can be so hard to me. I know many girls are like me. I don’t like to go outside unless my dogs need to wander in a park.

Compared with going to KTV or a bar, I prefer staying at home and watching my TV show and see my favorite star. I am lazy and eating and lying on the sofa can be the best suitable thing for me and my little cousin stayed with me to do these things. We were happy. But last month, one thing happened. My little cousin told me she just had a boyfriend and she would go with him more often than me. After hearing this, I just thought she abandoned me. And at the same time, I knew I should make a change. So I came to my coworker’s house and asked how to have a good boyfriend quickly.

From what she said, I summarized into three suggestions and hope they can be really helpful for me. The first tip is to using modern technology. For example, some BBW dating apps. But she just recommended the curvy dating apps for chatting and making new friends. Some hookup apps can be so direct. And the less effective one- the hookup apps for marriage. If you use the hookup dating apps for marriages, you can be totally disturbed. She told me she had registered an account in a dating app which has a very direct aim-marriage.

But the matchmaker in this app called her everyday and asked her needs and herconditions. She didn’t like this model because it just made the dating people as commodity. But she told me some interesting apps. Here are also some good apps the young adults use often and you should choose a good one according to your situation. As for me, I like funny stories so I will choose some interesting apps which tell jokes and I like to see some online people to leave their funny messages.

The second tip is that we can go to a fixed place once on weekends. For example, we can go to library or a coffee house just once for a week. This won’t cost much time and energy. You can guess that you can see movies with earphone or drinking milktea in a coffee house.

On the one hand, you can eat or drink and see what you like. On the other hand, you may encounter someone who like and with fixed places, he or you can find the person easily. And also, this is a good chance for you to go outside. I have to say, if I go to a place where I can eat or drink, I will see good.
The two above tips are working for me and I hope they can be also helpful for you!